Welcome to Happy Planet Collective!


For the conscientious consumer, earth saver, home decor dreamer, and forward thinkers! Happy Planet Collective is the hub for all of your organic, eco-friendly, fair trade, and cruelty-free needs.

Happy Planet Collective has curated a distinct line of natural products to encompass all aspects of your life.  Bringing every product to you hassle free and scrupulously vetted with your satisfaction in mind. We cannot wait to help you curate a life that not only saves the planet but also looks marvelous as well!

Do you ever wonder who your purchases are supporting? Maybe it's a big box store or a local merchant.  For us we like to know that our fair trade products are supporting artisans across the globe. Let's talk jewelry.  As you get ready you reach for your favorite pair of earrings, part of our fair trade jewelry line.  Gold and turquoise sunburst studs dangle from each ear gleaming with polished turquoise and 18kt gold.  You love knowing that these earrings are not only beautiful but the proceeds help women and young girls experience freedom.

If you are looking for quality eco-friendly home decor we have an array of choices for you. Take our Chair X36. Crafted from eco-friendly wood and stainless steel.  You are sure to delight guests with this contemporary beauty or you might find yourself enjoying a relaxing evening outdoors enjoying our beautiful planet. We offer a range of colors that will match any home interior or exterior.  If furniture is not what you are looking for, check out our fair trade woven baskets.  Sure to add a touch of drama to any room while keeping it organized.  The set of three dual tone sisal baskets will solve any organizational conundrum.  These storage baskets are hand woven by female artisans in rural Kenya.  All natural and durable, these baskets are coveted for their ability to be re-shaped.

Now we absolutely did not forget about our four legged friends saving the planet.  Cruelty free pet products are never tested on animals before they are manufactured.  From shampoo and conditioner for dogs to waterless shampoo for cats.  We at Happy Planet Collective believe pets can enjoy living green too.  Who doesn't want their dog to smell like blueberry bliss?  With Shea butter, organic aloe vera, blueberry antioxidants, and minerals, your dog's coat will not only be clean but look bright and feel luxuriously soft.

After a long day of hustle and bustle it's a relief to come home, relax, light an organic candle, and let the worries of your day float away.  We offer decadent organic and soy candles that will fill your home with beautiful aromas from sweet geranium to the relaxing scent of lavender all thanks to the infusion of pure essential oils.  Sleep peacefully knowing your bed is an oasis of sustainability.  Our organic bedding includes organic mattress topper, organic sheets, and organic pillows.  Be enveloped in lush cotton and wool from our sustainable wool program.

Welcome to Happy Planet Collective.  We are overjoyed to have you here!

Our hope is to make your journey in green living easier so we can all love our planet indefinitely.