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Buckwheat Sleep Pillows

Firm and supportive, our handmade buckwheat hull pillows naturally conform to your body to offer nat..


Green Cotton Duvet - Non Washable

    Our Green Cotton Duvets are made with 100% US Grown cotton, and encased in 100% G..


Green Cotton Sleep Pillows

The Goldilocks of pillows, Green Cotton pillows are a medium-firmness that’s just right, and are won..


KaPillow - Kapok Contour Pillow

KaPillow - Kapok Contour Pillow Contour pillows are one of the simplest and most effective fixes fo..


Loft Bed

This Loft Bed is just simple modern design crafted to suit your contemporary style home. This bed fe..


Mrs. Noodle Pillow 11 inch by 13 ft

Mrs. Noodle Pillow is a response to the traditional sofa, filled with kapok, a magical fiber harvest..


Natural Latex Topper

Not ready to spring for a new latex mattress? Try our natural latex mattress toppers instead:&nb..


Organic Cotton Duvet - Non Washable

Organic Cotton Handmade in the USA Duvet!    Our Organic Sateen Duvets are 100% o..


Organic Cotton Sateen Duvet Covers in Natural (WLH D)

White Lotus Home handmade 100% GOTS Certified Organic Sateen Duvet Covers in Natural is a great addi..


Organic Cotton Sateen Print Duvet Covers w/Natural Sateen (WLH E)

White Lotus Home handmade 100% USDA Certified Organic Sateen Duvet Covers are a great addition to yo..


Organic Cotton Sleep Pillows

GOTS-Certified Organic CottonWhere cotton goes to get its degree, GOTS-certified organic cotton ..


Organic Cotton Topper

Treat yourself with luxurious softness, supreme comfort, and ultimately, a restful night's sleep. Th..


Toddler Pillows 13x18

The PERFECT PILLOW for your TODDLER!  Handmade in the USA by White Lotus Home Proudly made fro..


Wool Duvet - Non Washable

Regulate Body Temperature, Relieve Allergies, & Enjoy a Natural, Healthy Night's SleepLet ..


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