Kids Play

Kids Play

At Happy Planet Collective we love playtime and playtime should be fun and help our planet.

What’s the best part about having kids? It’s playtime of course! We have a variety of eco friendly toys for kids ages 2 and up. Our wooden toys for kids are made of rubberwood. What is rubberwood? Rubberwood is derived from the rubber tree and scraps from the tree are used to design our toys which ensures not a single inch of the tree is wasted. The Farm A-Z Puzzle and Playset is the absolute perfect game for your little animal lover. With 26 chunky pieces, you’ll have a little farmer on your hands in no time. Eco friendly toys are not only fun, but also protecting your family and support sustainability.


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Begin Again Art On The Farm Stencil Kit & Playset

Stencils, playset, learning tools, and more! This versatile kit features farm themed buildings and a..


Begin Again Arty Facts Shaping History Vol1 - Art Kit & Stencil Set

Shapes from History Kit uses relics from around the world to inspire kids to draw and tell fantastic..


Begin Again Creature Creator Art Game

BeginAgain’s Creature Creator is a collaborative drawing game where players take turns to secretly d..


Begin Again Toys Animal Parade A-Z Puzzle

Where does a vulture ride a unicorn? Only in BeginAgain's Animal Parade! Made from eco-friendly rubb..


Begin Again Toys Animal Parade A-Z Puzzle - JUMBO VERSION

Where does a vulture ride a unicorn? Only in BeginAgain's Animal Parade! Made from eco-friendly rubb..


Begin Again Toys Balanced Boat Endangered Animals

A 'Stack' Load of Fun At Playtime With This Animal Set.Stack them all up but don't knock them do..


Begin Again Toys Butterfly A-Z Puzzle

The 26 piece brightly stained Butterfly teaches children letters with fun puzzle play. One side of th..


Begin Again Toys Counting Chameleon Puzzle

Our colorful chameleon is bilingual! This puzzle teaches numbers 1 to 15 on one side and spells out ..


Begin Again Toys Don't Dump Dumpty Game

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall... remove a brick, but don't let him fall! This versatile game comes wit..


Begin Again Toys The Farm A To Z Puzzle & Playset

The Farm A to Z is a complete farm playset and a learning toy in one. Each of the 26 chunky pieces i..


Begin Again Toys Tinker Totter Robots Playset & Game

A Creative Way To Play with Robots.This 28-piece robots set with it's bright and colored pieces ..


Kiss Naturals DIY Lip Gloss

Do you like lava lamps? Now you can create your own mini lip gloss version from our Lava Lip Gloss c..


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