Happy Planet Collective has curated the most luxurious and customizable organic bedding just for you.


Welcome to the most heavenly part of your home, the bedroom. Look forward to coming home each day and diving into an ocean of organic cotton and sustainably sourced wool.

Why don’t we make the bed? First we need an organic mattress. Our Green Cotton and Wool Boulder Dreamton Mattress is bigger, firmer, and more luxurious than ever. You will love knowing that while you sleep you are supporting our sustainable wool program that sources wool from small farmers on the west coast of the USA and green cotton is free of the dyes, perfumes, and flame retardant found in traditionally harvested cotton. Made with non-toxic materials, the Dreamtop Mattress will have you not only physically well rested but consciously at peace.

Well we can’t sleep on an organic mattress without an organic comforter to keep us warm. Enter our organic comforters not only for adults, but children as well. Designed with eco wool batting from our sustainable wool program and certified organic cotton sateen fabric encasement, our natural wool comforters will hug you until you are in a peaceful slumber. We know that everyone has a different warmth comfort level, so we designed our comforters to be customizable to every warmth preference, from cool to perfect to extra warm we have a comforter that will satisfy every sleepers’ need.

Where will you rest your head each night? On an organic pillow of course. Sleeping on our Natural Woolly “Down” Pillow you will feel the soft cushion of Eco Wool puffs and a GOTS-certified organic cotton pillow case cover. If you haven’t already noticed, we like to make things customizable and the Natural Woolly Pillow is no exception. We carry all the standard sizes and offer additional “puffs” to satisfy and be inclusive of all comfort levels.

After a long day, your bed should be a place of refuge, comfort, and worry free. With the use of sustainable wool programs and certified organic cotton, Happy Planet Collective can help design a refuge that is not only non-toxic and organic for you, but is also good for our planet too.